Long Range Course

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Going on a bear, elk or sheep hunt? Let SWAT Concepts Las Vegas help you master your long-range shooting skills before you head out.

Our Two-Day Course offers beginner and experienced hunters alike an opportunity to learn and fine-tune their long range skills. Small class size ensures unmatched personal attention so you can focus on the aspects of the hunt that most excite you. Bring your own preferred weapon and 200 rounds of ammo so we can ensure your success continues after the course ends.

Solid long range shooting involves knowledge of ballistics, gears, rounds and positions. Our professionally trained SWAT guides will watch with expert eyes, helping you hone your skills and perfect your form for optimal results.

If you are intrigued by the thought of improving your marksman capabilities to the point where you’re shooting with accuracy over 1,000 yards (and up to one mile) out, this is the course for you. Be there. It’s a game changer.

2 Day Long-Range Hunting Course Includes:

  • Ballistics

  • Round selection

  • Equipment

  • Gear selection

  • Weapons selection

  • Shooting positions

Long Range Course
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