Turn off your XBox and put away your iPad; it’s time to get dirty. SWAT Concepts delivers the real deal, every time. We don’t tour you around in a bus or humor you with stories of the good old days. This is 100 percent reality based training, just like you’d receive in a real special operations training scenario.

Your SWAT Concepts Camp

SWAT Concepts offers the general public the opportunity to train, think, move and act like part of a SWAT team. Throughout your experience with SWAT Concepts, you’ll be exposed to the unique conditions that define the everyday life of elite members of special ops units.

At the end of your experience, you and your team will lead an assault on a high-profile target to complete your final mission.

You’ll return home stronger, more self-aware, and better equipped to react with a greater level of leadership when it counts. You’ll see for yourself that you absolutely have what it takes to protect and defend yourself.

Our Facilities

Immerse yourself in real SWAT team training from the moment you enter our sprawling facility. Daytime courses utilize over 160 acres of land at the Pro Gun Club. 

Train Your Brain

There is more to effective special ops than physical fitness. We created our courses so that everyone can participate. We aren’t a gym, so you won’t see a bunch of burpees, squats or cleans. But you will find that we can target your aptitude–wherever you currently are–and push you to the next level.

Our methods are modeled after actual SWAT missions. We train you in mental toughness, physical confidence, and strategic preparedness, so you can make the most of any situation that might come in the future. We believe that prevention, preparedness, intelligence, capability and training come together to create an unmatched strength in our students.

What You’ll Learn at SWAT Concepts

Our various gun training classes offer different focus areas depending on your interests and availability. Learn more about our specific offerings on our Packages page. Most of our courses offer instruction and experience in the following areas:

  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Handgun and rifle handling
  • Low-light shooting
  • Sniper tactics and sharpshooting
  • Surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance briefings
  • Scenario simulations with reaction training
  • Urban and rural operations
  • Shipboarding and takedown
  • Hostage rescue

Your Mission

Learn more about our elite courses on our Packages page or contact us directly to inquire about small groups or corporate experiences. Have you wondered if you’ve got what it takes? Find out for yourself at SWAT Concepts Las Vegas.