SWAT Concepts is offering the State of Nevada Concealed Carry Course

Next Course - 8/18/19

Pass the written examination with a 70 percent score and prove your firearm proficiency and you’re golden.

Our dedicated CCW Permit Courses were designed to provide you with a Basic Firearms Course, approved by the Sheriff and taught by our certified instructors. Our CCW Courses meet the qualifications of training for a resident or non-resident, initial or renewal permit. Pass the same exam and show your stuff on the range, and it’ll be a done deal!

Safety and Your Concealed Weapons Permit

All of our courses that involve CCW permitting provide extensive instruction in the use of handguns, the laws of the state of Nevada, concealed carrying of weapons, liability and gun safety.

We take safety seriously here at SWAT Concepts Las Vegas. And if you want the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon, you need to take it seriously as well. We are here to train you to be a smart and responsible gun carrier. Come see what it’s all about.

To get your Nevada concealed carry permit with SWAT Concepts register today!

State of Nevada Conceal and Carry Weapons Permit
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