Where is SWAT Concepts Experiences Located?

SWAT Concepts Las Vegas utilizes the best, most appropriate facilities in our area. We aren’t contracted with a single facility, thereby limiting our services. Most of our live fire evolutions are conducted at the Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, which is approximately 30 min from the SWAT Concepts Compound, situated just minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

Just recently, we added a facility perfectly suited for our Long Range Hunting Course It’s about an hour away, on the Nevada Arizona border. But don’t worry courtesy transportation is provided.

We train at The Pro Gun Club, home to the majority of our shooting practice and capstone missions, offers over 160 acres and virtually endless opportunities for SWAT Concepts to provide the best tactical training courses in the nation.

What Is the Difference Between a Camp and a Course?

SWAT Concepts camps are live-in, high intensity, full immersion experiences. All food, lodging, transportation, weapons and ammunition are provided by SWAT Concepts.

Our courses are full-day immersion experiences that maximize daytime training. Show up. We provide lunch, and we’ll get right to work. Inquire separately to see if ammunition is included in your particular course.

*Camps are a team building experience and require a minimum of 7 people

What Should I pack for Three or Five-Day Camps?

Our suggested gear list includes the following:

  • Civilian clothing - shirts, pants and undergarments 
  • An outfit for Lads Vegas nightlife (yes, we even train at the casinos)
  • Workout gear - loose fitting for hand-to-hand combat 
  • Broken in boots and tennis shoes 
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock - Highly Recommended! 
  • Sunglasses or clear shooting glasses

You will receive a more detailed and specific gear list once you enroll in a camp. Different camps require particular items, but the vast majority of SWAT gear, guns and ammunition are provided for all of our camps.

What Do I Bring for Daytime Courses?

Bring sunscreen, a change of clothes, broken-in boots and sunglasses or clear shooting glasses. Leave the rest to us.

How Do I Pay?

The secure online payment system found on our Book Now page accepts all major credit cards for payment in full. If you call us on the phone to register, we can accept a deposit in the form of a check or credit card. Full payment must be received 30 days prior to the first day of your experience, or at the time of registration (in the case of late registration).

How Can I Obtain a State of Nevada Conceal Carry Permit?

SWAT Concepts Las Vegas is an approved provider of Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit training in the state of Nevada. Our instructors are certified to provide this training. All of our Five-Day Camps include CCW permit training and examinations. We also offer periodic Concealed Carry Courses. Check our Calendar to see what courses are coming up. And learn more on our CCW Permits page.